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Ways In Which Resetting The Clock Can Affect Your Heath

Human being’s health is affected differently when resetting of the clock is done especially when it comes in setting the clock one hour ahead so their body will have a difficult time in adjusting to the change of time hence affecting their health.

Resetting The Clock does increase the risk of heart attack and the risk is usually higher on Mondays because people do have the stress of starting new work week in tandem with the change of sleep-wake cycle after the long weekend that they did have. A study of miners found that the week after daylight saving time began workers who do construction jobs and manufacturing jobs too used to arrive at their workplace fourth minutes less sleep and experienced 5.u% workplace injuries meaning that the resetting of the clock does cause a higher incidence of workplace injuries.

A mere one hour does cut a person’s sleep by 10 % which means that the efficiency sleep of the person is deducted so he/she will no longer have enough time of sleeping like he/she did before the clock was changed hence they will not sleep well. When The clock is changed which is an at of resetting it the rate at which suicide is commuted to increase rapidly especially those weeks that do follow after daylight saving time has occurred and mostly the people who commit suicide are those that are bipolar disorder a higher percentage of those people are usually males who have bipolar disorder.

When The Resetting of the clock is done and patients who are under medication so as to End Daylight Saving Time and people do not realize they might end up harming themselves by taking their medications at the wrong time which are usually taken at a given time especially those diabetic patients are the one who should be looking at the time each time before they take any medication just to be sure that they are taking the medication at the right time. Resetting If the clock causes increased cluster headache because when the time changes the rhythm that we have which is from our natural circadian rhythm which controls us is disrupted it does cause cluster headache something that is very painful and cannot give us the peace that we might be needing.

When clocks are switched to daylight saving time there is always an increase in car accidents because most of the people who do drive does have sleeping problems and this makes them end up sleeping while driving hence getting into unexpected accidents that do cause them damages or even death. When the resetting of the clock is done sometimes it might make it hard for our bodies to adjust to the new time hence we might end up feeling tired most of the time.