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Abstract Paintings Have A Function?

Basically, summary art is any type of art that does not have anything to do with the physical things found in the world. Many have written on the topic from their explicit perspective and this article will probably be my try and present my framework of abstract pictures. I also purchase from artists I imagine […]Read More

The Canvas Art Of Piet Mondrian

Before the appearance of images, portrait paintings and sketches had been the one method pictures of loved ones could possibly be preserved for posterity. Next to camera motion, patterns are the bread and butter of abstract pictures. This helps many artists begin their artwork. Color was vastly subdued, and work had been practically monochromatic...

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Summary Photography

Inventive photography is a wide open discipline for all folks. The general understanding is that such a art does not depict anything within the natural world and the subject is simply a visible language of shade and type. Cubism within the French capital led him to create several work centering around bushes including ‘Flowering Apple Tree’.art photography abstract

As I Found It and Ideally suited Totem (my two inventory pho...

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