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Some of the Little Known Facts about Venice

Apart from a domestic trip, you can as well plan a trip overseas. It is a good idea to learn the secrets and facts about a particular destination before you decide to schedule a trip. Venice is one of the places that is visited by tourists from across the globe. Americans, specifically, have visited Venice in large numbers. It is worth noting that Venice is one of the most preferred destinations for a luxury getaway and romantic destinations for your honeymoon. However, it has more facts that you should know before you plan your next trip. By reading this article, you will learn some of the shocking facts about Venice.

There is a chain of small islands that make up Venice. If you have always known Venice as a city, you are part of thousands of people with the same idea. The way to connect through these small bridges is by a series of bridges. As new islands are made with time, there is a gap in their ages. During the foundation of Venice, millions of waterproof logs were dug into the ground. Apart from Croatia and Montenegro, these logs also came from Slovenia. It has been several years, and the logs are still intact.

For a long time, Venice was its one city-state. Until 1797, Venice was a giant player in the financial space and European trading. This blog has adequate information about the Republic of Venice. It is also important to note that Venice is home to one of the narrowest streets in the world. If you visit Calletta Varisco, you should be prepared to squeeze through a 53cm wide street. These narrow streets limit the mode of transportation as well. Bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates are all forbidden on these streets.

Note that becoming a licensed gondolier is a daunting task. A gondola is a narrow boat which provides taxi services across the canals, and they have been around for over ten centuries. The training for becoming a licensed gondolier requires a series of rigorous training and exams, which has proved to be an uphill task. For all the gondolas, they must be painted black. There is a considerable number of cats in Venice. There was a serious mice infestation and when the cats came from the Middle East and they were all welcome. If you want to have a first-hand experience of the above-discussed weird facts, you should not hesitate to book a trip to Venice as soon as possible.