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Tips on How to Get Unique and Appealing Manicure Ideas

Are you among the numerous women out there who are searching for unique and appealing manicure ideas? Should you be interested to learn more about these manicure ideas, then find out more in here. Actually, having good quality manicure not only beautify your nails but it also reflects your personality. Consider the ideas share in here to achieve that beautiful, unique and quality manicure.

Irrespective of the kind of nails that you own, be sure to make it clean and have beautiful quality manicure. Everywhere you go, you can see lots of women nowadays who have that unique and appealing manicure. These are clear proofs that the market housed lots of manicure ideas from which to select from. For those who want to become hip and trendy, then you can choose from the wide array of manicure ideas. Apart from your clothes and shoes, your nails are the first seen by friends. That is why, there are lots of women who want to get new manicure inspiration.

A Guide in Having Unique and Appealing Manicure Tips and Ideas

1. Foil is not just limited for use in food packaging because it can also be used in nail art. At present, there are different types of colors that can be used in this particular purpose such as rose gold, silver, gold, and etc. You can start by cutting foil in different sizes and spread these randomly to obtain the look that you desire. Be sure to finish it with clear polish on top.

2. If you want to achieve French design, then you can do a reverse French design by placing white tip on top of your nail instead on the end. You can place a unique moon shape instead of the conventional white block design.

3. For those with short nails, they can try creating pinstripes to achieve that long nails. You can create pinstripes of two or more colors.

4. Your beautiful hair can serve as a pattern in achieving your design ombre manicure design. This can be done by placing one color at the bottom of your nail and drag it the topmost part of your nail. Otherwise, invert the design to achieve that unique look. You should not hesitate to mix and match different nail polish colors to get the desired hues that you want.

5. You can also try the marble nail design for a change. Don’t just limit yourself in the conventional black and white marble colors but try other color combinations.

Other than the designs showcased awhile ago, you can also try other proven and tested nail art designs like chrome, sand-textured, animal-print and much more. Our blog will give you more ideas about nail art and designs, thus read further.