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Causes and Treatment of Seasonal Asthma

Unknown to many, there are several types of asthma which are caused by diverse reasons. Medics are not quite sure of what causes asthma attacks. Nonetheless, from years of research, medics have realized that the triggers can be genetic or environmental. Seasonal asthma is trigger by change in climate. Hence in a particular season, such persons will experience asthma attacks. People who suffer from asthma should learn more about these symptoms.

Such persons will notice a heightened asthma attack during seasons like spring and fall. These attacks could be linked to the heighted pollination activities. The asthmatic individual breath in the pollen filled air which sets off the asthma. Another possible activator of asthma is the cold season. Similarly, smoke and dust elicit the same reactions. It is wise to learn more about these triggers especially if you are affected. This article will discuss the causes and remedy of asthma.

An asthma attack occurs when the airways and lungs are affected. The airways facilitate the movement of air in and out of the lungs. This is the normal process of drawing oxygen into the body. Asthma affects the circulation of air in their body. The airways swell as a protective mechanism to prevent the unwanted air pollutants from gaining entry to the lungs. The airways response to foreign particles in the air causes the airway and the lungs to be infected. Since the airways are swollen and inflamed, the person will experience shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. The constrained airways restrict the supply of oxygen into the lungs. A serious attack can cause the affected person to begin to change color due to lack of oxygen supply in the body. An asthmatic person and loved ones who act as caregivers should learn more about the seriousness of this illness.

The remedy to asthma is either through medical intervention or personal care. If an individual suffers from mild asthma, the patient can be given an inhaler to self medicate. An individual may be advised to use the preventive inhaler to treat mild conditions and to switch to the treatment inhaler when their condition does not improve. If the inhalers fail to work and the condition of the patient gets worse, they should be urgently be admitted to hospital. In acute asthmatic conditions patient will be treated using a nebulizer. These patients may also receive oxygen therapy. To learn more about the treatment option consult a doctor.

A person’s diet can also help to prevent or improve their asthmatic condition. Their diet should comprise of a generous portion of fruits, vegetables and amino acids. This diet has got rich nutrients and enzymes that help to cure inflammatory conditions. The affected persons should make an effort to learn more about the preventive measures.

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